Footprints imprinted in the sand leaving their mark on the world.

Wondering who was here before us.

Captured moments.

Moments forgotten.

The crashing of waves overlapping each other.

The comforting sun.

Our own shadow following us, knowing all our secrets hidden within.

Letting the wind whisk away the bad memories.

Lost within the rush.

Letting our shadows become reflections of who we are.

Becoming vulnerable to the vast ocean.

Falling into the openness.


A good start to a new year in Half Moon Bay. (Portrait photo creds to @isaac.macieira—-check out his Instagram)























What’s Hot?

During all my years i’ve always worried about what was cool to read and not. Those fiction fantasies were a big no no once I became older so now it’s time to really look behind the shelves for something a little more artsy as it goes. 

One book i just finished reading is called “IT” by Alexa Chung. A woman with so much inspiration from just being herself to becoming a fresh faced model with her new ‘Eyeko’ campaign for creating the perfect cat-eye (look at the link below to get your own!) and writing her new book “IT” by showing us how she was herself and how we should be ourselves to. She also tells us much about her life story and also all her role models that helped get where she is today. It’s a book you will be “cool” with and people will certainly be asking questions such as “Can i borrow it?”. Go grab it on amazon or any book store near you! Save it for a chilly ride in an airplane or somewhere nice and warm on a beach. Its the perfect book to relax our thoughts into, so go get yours now!

The second book i am dying to get my hands on is calles “GRAPEFRUIT” by Yoko Ono. She is a goddess when it comes to funky writing (in my opinion) i can’t wait to get my book in the mail soon so i can’t tell you much about, but what i can tell you is that i am buying it because i have heard so much about this book and i have asked to borrow it from many people but they are so in love with it its become there child. Its a book i guarantee is going to get you some minor fame in society so go grab it wherever and enjoy it like i hope to!

The next item that is needed to live life with is one of those filthy journals you always set your mind up to do but never even touch once it sits waiting for the ink of a pen to simply free it from it’s blank state. I do have multitudes of these pastel colored, scratchy cotton and moleskin covers journals but in the end i use my Moleskin. I write every time i feel like writing a thought down, a story, a not to myself in the near future. I always try to incorporate some memories so that my live isn’t completely forgotten. I used to write like a dog getting a new squeaky toy and playing with it 5 days in a row. But then the ball breaks, the squeaky noise is gone and my thoughts break with it. I find it hard to keep up with my daily schedule and then recopie it doen with more feeling and anger or happiness rather than just writing what i’m going to do today. I then changed my style of writing and i now write about a big topic or theme that happened that day. Instead of going through my daily schedule and recreating an entirely new form of it i then write a half story type writing while keeping it realistic.

If this is too difficult to understand, don’t worry i will post tomorrow a page from this legendary Moleskin;)

Buy yours today whenever online or at your local bookstore! (MOLESKIN)

Thank you everyone fore reading my new post and i hope this cleared some space in your mind for some new worries about other things while this problem has been solved of what’s hot?

Hope you enjoyed it!

Please leave comments below for feedback or new ideas of things you would like me to answer any of your questions just click and type with a simple task!

Enjoy your Holidays!


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