It’s as if I have been here before and I was transported back to a life I never knew I lived. It’s pure and it’s unexpected. It’s living.


The little things that make any day an incredible day.


The pure things.

They are hidden in the deepest parts of our minds, trapped behind our image. They show in times we let go, yet hide when they are vulnerable. When everything is unprecedented our pure senses shine through and we let go. We let all the stress go, we let the bad times roll of our backs and we let all tenseness fly away. We let ourself be itself. We let those hidden parts of us become our image and we glow. We glow with pure emotion and pure thoughts. We don’t mask the pain because with the pure emotion we fight off all the bad. Maybe we feel vulnerable yet we are in that moment the strongest. In that moment we can only feel what we choose to feel and we don’t bother the reality that tries to settle in. We simply let go and break the barrier our minds are trapped in. When we feel vulnerable sometimes we hide in the image we think we are. In the image we think we are supposed to be defined as. We only want to be what people want and forget to find ourselves first. We think that maybe our pureness will be hard to except. We become our own barrier and we forget to feel pure emotion. We then forget who we are. We make another image to hide the emptiness that expands yet holds so much force it holds us together for long enough. Once you learn to let go of that image you created, you then become the pure image of who you are.

Find in every day the unknown, the surprise, the unexpected, the happiness…always let everything come in as a new opportunity. Always stay a little unaware of what you know is coming so that everything can be part of who you are and part of your own story.



LA Bound

Finally back in LA! This post is all about photos because why not share my experience with pictures? Anyway this city is really amazing because even when people tell you about all the stereotypes that live here (you do realize some are true), what is so wonderful about this city is not only the names and famous attractions, but the way in which everyone presents themselves. Once I walked off that plane and took foot in this mesmerizing city I felt this sense of rush in my mind telling me to try to be as fashionable as possible in this city. LA inspires people to look as good as possible making the streets filled with color. Todays’ look was inspired by one of my fashion idols: Chiara Ferragni! Check her out!

(These photos are not specifically focused on the style savvy citizens but rather the scenery and my outfit of the day!)





















My 10 day adventure in Berlin

A couple days ago I had just arrived back from Berlin, Germany!

It was amazing. The streets were filled with rich history, modern graffiti and style savvy citizens. Shnitzel made my tastebuds sing and large warm pretzels greeted me on every corner. Everywhere I stepped foot was filled with an enchanted past that kept me mesmerized and some astonished; it still was the most diverse city I had ever been to. Turkish food was in abundance everywhere, yet it was also my delicious savior from the regular currywurst in a bun. My traveling crew and I visited the Reichstag–a must see, the Bauhaus–a wonderful collection and archive for modern art and architecture, the flee market–a splendid stroll I had taken through the creative past of different items and we visited many other places that struck my heart as well.

A place where everyone should go to once in their lives. A place where all is accepted. A place where I felt I had experienced the world in a glance. A place I will never forget.

Places you should go to and which I have been to:

Cafe: Impala Coffee

Club: Matrix

Mall+Hip area: Alexa Mall and Alexander Platza

Stay (Cheap+really nice): Alex Hotel

Museum: Bauhaus Museum

GO TO: Flee markets all around on sunday

Unique Art Show must see: PING PONG (Featured Image)

Hope one day this can guide you through this beautiful city!

Matilde Macieira-Kaufmann