Coffee Break

On this delightful sunday morning I decided to overcome my displeasing thoughts on coffee.

I used the little espresso machine in our kitchen and made myself the smallest portion I could make. When I looked at the little cup seemingly warm and welcoming I thought perhaps that this time it would be a sweet and calming afternoon delight.

I thought wrong. It’s warm and welcoming exterior hides its strong, bitter and robust interior which was not in any way a delight.

I tried to add milk. That didn’t work, and there isn’t enough sugar in the world to take away it’s acidity.

It was an eruption in my mouth. (Not the good one with all my tastebuds singing.)

In the end I’m not the biggest fan of coffee out there.

But I did enjoy the smell.

Here are some other finds of the day!

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The Nutcracker

Today I saw the Nutcracker at the San Francisco Opera and it was beautiful. The ceilings were decorated with an infinite spread of gold intricacies that lit up the entire room without needing any source of light. I won’t be going on and on about the exact scenes that took place but I will say that my favorite scene was that of the ribbon dancers! It was also a really chilly day here in SF, but that didn’t stop me from creating a fun look!

Denim dress

A black transparent (chiffon) long sleeve top

Platform wedge sandals (black/blue)

Long grey coat