Footprints imprinted in the sand leaving their mark on the world.

Wondering who was here before us.

Captured moments.

Moments forgotten.

The crashing of waves overlapping each other.

The comforting sun.

Our own shadow following us, knowing all our secrets hidden within.

Letting the wind whisk away the bad memories.

Lost within the rush.

Letting our shadows become reflections of who we are.

Becoming vulnerable to the vast ocean.

Falling into the openness.


A good start to a new year in Half Moon Bay. (Portrait photo creds to @isaac.macieira—-check out his Instagram)























LA Bound

Finally back in LA! This post is all about photos because why not share my experience with pictures? Anyway this city is really amazing because even when people tell you about all the stereotypes that live here (you do realize some are true), what is so wonderful about this city is not only the names and famous attractions, but the way in which everyone presents themselves. Once I walked off that plane and took foot in this mesmerizing city I felt this sense of rush in my mind telling me to try to be as fashionable as possible in this city. LA inspires people to look as good as possible making the streets filled with color. Todays’ look was inspired by one of my fashion idols: Chiara Ferragni! Check her out!

(These photos are not specifically focused on the style savvy citizens but rather the scenery and my outfit of the day!)





















Summer Playlist

Music is the eye into the soul, makes us move uncontrollably, concentrate, focus on nothing but ourselves, makes us feel good and lifts our spirits. Whenever I’m sad music is there to help me express my feelings while upbeat music makes me feel even happier. Because I love listening to music, I was thinking why not show you a playlist of some of my favorite songs from low-tempo to upbeat:



Houdini-The Foster People

Ready for your love (ft.MNEK)-Gorgon City

Fancy (ft.Charlie XCX)-Iggy Azalea

Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson

Hey Doreen-Lucius

The Suburbs-Mr Little Jeans


Unstoppable-OCD:Moosh & Twist

All of you (ft.Betty Who)-Peter Thomas

Problem (ft.Iggy Azalea)-Ariana Grande

Eskimo Boy-Strange Talk

Sun-Two Door Cinema Club



Matilde MK

(Featured Image=Google Images, not mine; searched “Lucius-Hey Doreen”)



My 10 day adventure in Berlin

A couple days ago I had just arrived back from Berlin, Germany!

It was amazing. The streets were filled with rich history, modern graffiti and style savvy citizens. Shnitzel made my tastebuds sing and large warm pretzels greeted me on every corner. Everywhere I stepped foot was filled with an enchanted past that kept me mesmerized and some astonished; it still was the most diverse city I had ever been to. Turkish food was in abundance everywhere, yet it was also my delicious savior from the regular currywurst in a bun. My traveling crew and I visited the Reichstag–a must see, the Bauhaus–a wonderful collection and archive for modern art and architecture, the flee market–a splendid stroll I had taken through the creative past of different items and we visited many other places that struck my heart as well.

A place where everyone should go to once in their lives. A place where all is accepted. A place where I felt I had experienced the world in a glance. A place I will never forget.

Places you should go to and which I have been to:

Cafe: Impala Coffee

Club: Matrix

Mall+Hip area: Alexa Mall and Alexander Platza

Stay (Cheap+really nice): Alex Hotel

Museum: Bauhaus Museum

GO TO: Flee markets all around on sunday

Unique Art Show must see: PING PONG (Featured Image)

Hope one day this can guide you through this beautiful city!

Matilde Macieira-Kaufmann