Coffee Break

On this delightful sunday morning I decided to overcome my displeasing thoughts on coffee.

I used the little espresso machine in our kitchen and made myself the smallest portion I could make. When I looked at the little cup seemingly warm and welcoming I thought perhaps that this time it would be a sweet and calming afternoon delight.

I thought wrong. It’s warm and welcoming exterior hides its strong, bitter and robust interior which was not in any way a delight.

I tried to add milk. That didn’t work, and there isn’t enough sugar in the world to take away it’s acidity.

It was an eruption in my mouth. (Not the good one with all my tastebuds singing.)

In the end I’m not the biggest fan of coffee out there.

But I did enjoy the smell.

Here are some other finds of the day!

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The Nutcracker

Today I saw the Nutcracker at the San Francisco Opera and it was beautiful. The ceilings were decorated with an infinite spread of gold intricacies that lit up the entire room without needing any source of light. I won’t be going on and on about the exact scenes that took place but I will say that my favorite scene was that of the ribbon dancers! It was also a really chilly day here in SF, but that didn’t stop me from creating a fun look!

Denim dress

A black transparent (chiffon) long sleeve top

Platform wedge sandals (black/blue)

Long grey coat









Holiday finds

Hey guys!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday and awesome pressies!
I got a couple awesome things for the holidays and thought why not share with you all my awesome finds!

I got this rad vintage watch that belonged to my great grandmother and I love it! With a black leather wrist band and a platinum watch! Is this love?

I got the new 2014 updated Teen Vogue handbook and it’s incredible! It has all the tips and tricks for helping you get a career and developing your eye for fashion and writing. I especially loved the section where they interview different editors to get different perspectives on what they look for in an intern and how they got to the top! One of my best purchases (with a books inc. gift card) yet!

My aunt surprised me with my dream gift: a new washed jean jacket (that I will forever be in love with)! Perfect find. Perfect fit. I also decorated it with a daisy pin I found at this fabric store a couple months ago and thought it accented the jacket perfectly creating a more playful look!
(You can get the perfect jean jacket @GAP)
+ I got this Bordeaux colored infinity scarf which I have been dreaming of ever since Portugal and it goes perfectly with everything!

The other plus is that I got $20! Planned on saving it for a decent item yet spent it the next day on polaroid film @URBANOUTFITTERS that was actually an AWESOME purchase because I then had a fun photography day through the streets of Chinatown. Also ate at Neiman Marcus (the cafe not the Rotunda because I’m broke)!

Another item that entered into my life was this clean and crisp navy blue @ZARA bag that I fell in love with at first sight. It’s long and has the perfect cut. It’s beauty is indescribable.

SHARE WITH ME what you guys got by sending me pictures! I’d love to see all your pressies!

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