Adventures in Portugal

If you all have not already learned I’m in Portugal at the moment and having a blast adventuring through different experiences with my cousins and others along the way. Also, if you have all not already noticed, I’m not a very organized and scheduled writer due to the obvious fact that I write in a very irregular pattern. Anyway, today my lovely readers I thought I should let you all in on my crazy adventure yesterday through the town of Praia Do Ribatejo in Portugal! Well first my brother, my cousin and I were all boring ourselves on our own little machines that had taken away our social abilities and taken us away from the beauty of our surroundings, so we thought why not discover the neighborhood we find so familiar yet know not enough of. We decided to visit one of the abandoned factories that was waiting just at the end of the road to be found. We brought our cameras and decided to be photographers for the day. We explored the interior of the isolated factory and stepped carefully over shards of glass and gun shells. The sun covered our faces with its’ warming glow which filled our minds with a reassuring feeling that this wasn’t a dangerous place. In the midst of searching for an inspiration for an amazing photo, a car stopped a couple feet away from where we were looking through the lenses of our cameras and we were scared for our lives. Scared that we would be arrested for trespassing or some sort of trouble, but the man was so harmless we traveled with him through the outskirts of the dead buildings and through different parts we were too innocent to go alone. His name was Pedro Rodrigues and he was a Photographer just inspired to search for inspiration just like us. We then all became friends and he shared with us his Instagram and we all then went back to those mind sucking machines that just might not after all take us away from the social life around us.

It was a wonderful day and here are some pictures that I took that I love and hope you all enjoy as well!













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