Day on the job

   Today was the most insightful day into my thoughts on the future. I began today by pulling myself out of bed at 7:30 to make myself presentable to the Publisher of the San Francisco Business Times, Mary Huss. Wearing my most sophisticated look I stood in front of the glass doors to this tall building, imagining myself 10 years from now. I could see myself walking up towards my job everyday prepared to hunt down the major prey: breaking news, and in the meantime put a spin on a couple masterpieces of my own. When I walked in the feel of the work space was calm, yet this passion and thrill was lurking in every corner while the smell of freshly printed paper aroused my senses, all at once.

I started off by introducing myself to everyone in the office and right away could here the addicting clicking sound of intellectual fingertips on hungry keyboards. I then experienced all the business sides to being in charge of publishing a newspaper which was to take care and manage all the advertisement in the paper, the events and awards that are created and maintaining this unique presence while on a call to make a deal with another company. Mary Huss has this presence that when you meet her you are automatically intrigued to every word that flows out of her mouth. Even if she was describing a grocery list I would still be mesmerized. Anyway, while eating lunch with Mary and her events director I was having so much fun. They were personally so interesting because they had all this insight on how when writing, the main value people have to maintain is the relationship with their audience. They are the support of everything we do. Without an audience, how could any newspaper be successful? Yet with the help of an audience, writers then become more driven to create their own brand of writing. I just thought that was interesting to share. After my wonderful lunch at the hotel “Le Méridien” in downtown San Francisco, devouring food courteously to feed my famished stomach, I then shadowed the other side of the office known as the Editorial side.

I first shadowed their social media rep and got some insight on how all the reporters and editors really rely on the response of social media to help them see “what’s hot and not”. I also learned that there is this new application that came out called “YO” and apparently after three days of launching the app they have made over a million dollars. Now, you may think this app must be some universal discovery of some sort but your absolutely wrong because this is not the case. This app lets you find friends from your contacts who may also have the app and when you feel like it, you can tap on their name and then sends this little message saying “yo”. Yes. An application worth over a million dollars that does this and that was created in 8 hours.  There’s just a little fact to spice up your afternoon. (Yet even besides my opinions, I am debating wether or not I should download it…)

Back to my adventures…

I then got to experience an editorial group meeting stand up which I thought was very cool. Everyone pitched their ideas for some new articles and topics they were hoping to splurge into, while they then wrote catchy headers on the whiteboard in order to attract readers. I could just imagine myself there throwing out some ideas and being there jotting notes down on some rugged notebook while enjoying the calmness with that sense of thrill lurking in the corner. While I shadowed the rest of the crew I also held center seat to the response of breaking news. All the reporters and editors were following and hunting down the story of the debate of which location the Lucas Museum would be built in. Once they caught the answer and learned that San Francisco had lost the $700 million Lucas Museum to Chicago, everyone rushed quietly and seriously in order to get the job done and send out their breaking news blast as fast as possible so that people would be more interested in the moment. They proof read over every header, sentence and image to make sure they weren’t missing out any detail. I though it was fascinating how in the calmness, even if I wasn’t doing anything in particular, I could feel the rush going through me when people simply whispered the words: Breaking News… These two words had this magical effect on me and drove me to understanding that little passion and thrill that lurked in the corner. After that I did peak into the graphic and visual journaling area where they make graphics to explain certain articles and capture the audience’s attention which I thought was also very interesting.

Today was amazing and I hope to experience this again.

Have a wonderful day,

and will keep you posted!

Matilde Macieira-Kaufmann

(Featured Image: A cover photo designed by the graphic designers at the SF Business Times on their centerpiece about biohacking.)



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