Summer Playlist

Music is the eye into the soul, makes us move uncontrollably, concentrate, focus on nothing but ourselves, makes us feel good and lifts our spirits. Whenever I’m sad music is there to help me express my feelings while upbeat music makes me feel even happier. Because I love listening to music, I was thinking why not show you a playlist of some of my favorite songs from low-tempo to upbeat:



Houdini-The Foster People

Ready for your love (ft.MNEK)-Gorgon City

Fancy (ft.Charlie XCX)-Iggy Azalea

Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson

Hey Doreen-Lucius

The Suburbs-Mr Little Jeans


Unstoppable-OCD:Moosh & Twist

All of you (ft.Betty Who)-Peter Thomas

Problem (ft.Iggy Azalea)-Ariana Grande

Eskimo Boy-Strange Talk

Sun-Two Door Cinema Club



Matilde MK

(Featured Image=Google Images, not mine; searched “Lucius-Hey Doreen”)



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