My 10 day adventure in Berlin

A couple days ago I had just arrived back from Berlin, Germany!

It was amazing. The streets were filled with rich history, modern graffiti and style savvy citizens. Shnitzel made my tastebuds sing and large warm pretzels greeted me on every corner. Everywhere I stepped foot was filled with an enchanted past that kept me mesmerized and some astonished; it still was the most diverse city I had ever been to. Turkish food was in abundance everywhere, yet it was also my delicious savior from the regular currywurst in a bun. My traveling crew and I visited the Reichstag–a must see, the Bauhaus–a wonderful collection and archive for modern art and architecture, the flee market–a splendid stroll I had taken through the creative past of different items and we visited many other places that struck my heart as well.

A place where everyone should go to once in their lives. A place where all is accepted. A place where I felt I had experienced the world in a glance. A place I will never forget.

Places you should go to and which I have been to:

Cafe: Impala Coffee

Club: Matrix

Mall+Hip area: Alexa Mall and Alexander Platza

Stay (Cheap+really nice): Alex Hotel

Museum: Bauhaus Museum

GO TO: Flee markets all around on sunday

Unique Art Show must see: PING PONG (Featured Image)

Hope one day this can guide you through this beautiful city!

Matilde Macieira-Kaufmann



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