A little creative writing…

YOU know that feeling when the battle has passed away yet the swords still lay ready for the re-awakening. The little tricks and plays the opposing side does to start a new one, the endless thoughts they hold of their victory and the ways they try to prove it…but the End knows all the answers, and the truth is they could never win. Their battle is forever lost with their enemies yet it still grows within their own. Why can’t they just see that they are wrong, get over it, find new enemies, understand they’ve lost and ruined their reputation. Why can’t they simply surrender for once and just depart from the battle that never was.Depart. DEPART.

Simply go.

I just want you to stop proving everything. Go on. Make new friends. Stop making lies. Stop complaining. I’ve had it. Live your life depending on yourself instead of others. Just leave it all. Leave. LEAVE.

Simply go.

Matilde Macieira-Kaufmann

(Featured Image: An Image of my feet in Berlin, Germany; hope you like it!)


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