Our Spirits-A page from my legendary Moleskin:

     What we love may never love us back, but what we choose to do with the love we have already, within our souls, is what helps us to love ourselves. Even if we dream a glorious dream, of us meeting the man, the “one”, prince charming who will free us from the cage we entrap ourselves in, afraid to let go of our own innocence and fall into the dangerous waters of love, we have the feeling, a feeling of reality that lurks in the shadows of our dreams. It comes and goes, pushing us back into the soul of our bodies. It’s as if it takes present as a spirit, guiding us from one world to another. Even if your dream doesn’t help you get over the idea of never being loved, we always have that spirit that guides us through our fairytales, pushing us back to the real world maybe to send us a sign that hanging on too much to what we dream, can take us away from the reality of what we love.


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