So obsessed.

Whats “it”? [part 1]

SHOPPING is a huge part of my life. I can’t imagine life without ZARA, HM, Brandy Melville etc… These things are a huge form of my creativity. In the past i never appreciated the uniqueness of fashion all by itself. I was not the shopaholic kind of girl. Now I’m running around all the Westfield malls all over SF and LA, through “The Colors of Benetton” in Paris and the decent thrift stores in Taiwan. I owe all of this to my friends and especially to the inspiring creativity magazines have shown me (NYLON/COMPANY)!  I really like clean, simple colors and not to many matchy matchy things. I like to mix it up but at the same time i am really drawn to the basic and simple colors of pants. shorts, shirts, skirts etc… Brandy Melville is one of my favorite stores because most of their clothes are really drawn to the same circle of innovation. Zara is my favorite store in the entire world because i am obsessed with the business woman look and the cleanliness to all their products. I am in love with their boho dresses and the textiles they use. The business woman pants and blazers are what im drawn to the most yet i also love their winter thought on dresses and coats. Their shoes are also exceptional, the french toed design with the pastel pinks and blues and the matte beiges. All the colors that can only compliment all their outfits. Zara is basically a store with an infinite collection, and every time i walk in i can imagine a story by their clothes. A sophisticated woman becomes a fun and playful spirit inside when she feels the need to have let go. 


{Photo: Loving my new pants from Brandy Melville/ Wear them with pastel blue flats or low ankle high heel boots preferably beige and a simple crop black top-tank)



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And shop!

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